§ 1. Initial provisions

1. The owner of the "Exclusive Taurus shop" ( is Box Electronics S.C. A.A.Kozakiewicz, Sopot 81-881, ul. Cieszyńskiego 4, Tax ID:5850206239, REGON:190579426.
Contact details:
- phone: +48 58 550-66-46 from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) 09:00 - 16:00
- Correspondence address: Cieszyńskiego 4, 81-881 Sopot, Poland

§ 2. Definitions

1. The Seller - The owner of the Internet Shop Box Electronics S.C., referred to in §1.
2. Client - any person with full legal capacity
3. Online Shop - Exclusive Taurus shop online at
4. Regulations - These Terms and Conditions of providing services by electronic means
5. Working days - weekdays from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays
6. "My Account" - a place available to the Client after entering the e-mail address and password. tracking order status, viewing order history, changing personal data, ordering or unsubscribing Newsletter.

§ 3. Types and scope of services provided electronically

1. Services provided electronically under these Terms and Conditions relate to the use of the "Exclusive Taurus shop" Internet Store to conclude a sales contract and its implementation.
2. An electronic service contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time.
3. Orders, as specified in §. 7, can be submitted after registration or without registration. If you make a purchase without prior registration, "My Account" is not created.
4. The customer who made the registration can place an order by logging in to "My Account" with an email address and password.
5. The owner also provides the Newsletter service on the terms described in §. 14.

§ 4.Terms of service by electronic means

1. In order to use the services provided under these Terms and Conditions, the Customer shall have: - Internet Explorer browser version not older than 7.0 or Mozilla FireFox version not older than 3.0 or Chrome (all versions), or Opera version not older than 2.0, - Java Script enabled, - active email address.

§ 5. Registration, terms and conditions of conclusion and termination of service contracts by electronic means

1. Registration is voluntary. Upon registration for the Customer, an individual "My Account" is created.
2. Customer may also make purchases in the Store without registration, however, in which case he resigns from the creation of "My Account" and the functionality assigned to him.
3. The customer, in order to register, should complete the registration form. You need to enter an active email address and a password to register.
4. During registration, it is also possible to provide data for shipping. In case the form is completed by the Consumer: first name and last name, address of residence (street, building number, apartment number, postal code, city, country), Phone number.
5.Customer may at any time terminate the service agreement by electronic means.
6. The owner may terminate the service contract by electronic means if the purpose of registration or the way of using the service is obviously contrary to the principles and purpose of the Store.
7. Termination of the agreement by either party, as well as its termination by mutual consent, is equivalent to blocking the Client from accessing and deleting the "My Account".
8. A statement of termination of the service contract by electronic means submitted by the Service Provider will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the service "My Account". Termination of the service contract by electronic means results in permanent deletion of "My Account".
9. A statement of termination of an electronic service contract submitted by a Customer may be made by sending the content to the e-mail address given to the contact in a separate tab of the Shop's website or by deleting the "My Account".
10. Termination or dissolution with the consent of the parties to the contract for the provision of services by electronic means shall not affect the performance of already concluded sales contracts, unless the parties agree otherwise.
11. Termination of the contract in is 14 days.
12. The personal data will be processed by Box Electronics S.C. A.A.Kozakiewicz, VAT Id. 5850260239 in order to fulfill the order. In the case of expressing a separate consent, also for the purpose of marketing and making available - to the extent necessary - the courier company to deliver the ordered shipment.
13. Data submission is voluntary, but necessary for order fulfillment. The person concerned is entitled to access the content of personal data and the right to correct personal data. The data subject may also object to further processing by contacting the Seller at the telephone number or the e-mail address indicated in the rules.
14. Online Shop insures that personal data is processed and stored using secure, modern, proven electronic methods.
15. If you want to receive the "Exclusive Taurus shop" online newsletter, you must provide your email address when registering and agree to send advertising material. You can always revoke this consent.
16. For proper functioning, the "Exclusive Taurus shop"  uses cookies (small text files stored on the user's computer disk). These are files that allow you to identify you by the electronic system and streamline certain features such as automatic login. You can disable cookies (to do this, see Help in your web browser),
but this may cause the "Exclusive Taurus shop" web site to malfunction on your computer.

§ 6. Prices and availability of products

1. Prices on the website of the "Exclusive Taurus shop" on the product card: - include VAT. They do not include shipping costs or customs duties.
Orders shipped to the EU - Shipping costs:
-FREE SHIPPING when order is over 300 €
- 15 € when order is under 300 € 
2. Information on the total value of the order is presented to the Customer after the customer has chosen the form of payment and the form of delivery of the order.
3. "Exclusive Taurus shop" reserves the right to make changes to the prices of the goods in its offer and to announce and cancel all types of promotional and sales promotions. However, the changes introduced will not be effective in relation to the Clients with whom the sales contract has been concluded or who have commenced promotional actions and sales.
4. Availability of the products of the "Exclusive Taurus shop":
- product available - for products stored in the store (usually up to 3 working days)
- product on order - (order fulfillment 14-30 business days).

§ 7. Placing an order, entering into a sales contract

1. Ordering at the Exclusive Taurus Shop online is possible through 24 (twenty four) hours a day via the website: The customer places an order indicating the product they wish to purchase, using the "Add to Cart" option, and then, during further steps in the ordering process, indicates the delivery method and selects the form of payment.

2.In order Customer indicates:
- ordered goods, contact details, which will allow you to confirm the order and ship the ordered goods (name, shipping address, email address and telephone number)
- Delivery method,
- Payment method.
3. Every customer who uses "My Account" in the "Exclusive Taurus shop" has access to the order card, where he can keep track of his status.

§ 8. Modification and cancellation of the order

1. After placing an order, and even after the sale contract has been concluded, provided that it has not been fulfilled, the Customer may submit a request for modification by contacting the relevant section of the Exclusive Taurus Shop or by e-mail. A change to the order or sales contract must be confirmed by the Store employee. Confirmation of modification will be sent to the Customer by email. At the same time, the change will be reflected in the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" (if you have an account with the Exclusive Taurus Shop).
2. Changes may concern: resignation of a part of an order, replacement of selected products within the framework of an order for other products or the addition of further products to it, changes in the manner or address of delivery of an order, or changes in invoice data.
3. After the order is placed, the customer may cancel the order. Upon the conclusion of the sale contract and before the delivery of the goods, the Customer may withdraw from the contract until the delivery of the goods by the Seller. To cancel your order or withdraw from the sale contract, you should contact the relevant section of the "Exclusive Taurus Shop" by phone or email. Confirmation of cancellation of the order or cancellation of the sales contract will be sent to the Customer by e-mail. The same time, the change will be reflected in the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" (if you have an account with the Exclusive Taurus Shop).
4.In the event of cancellation of the order or withdrawal of the contract, if payment for the goods has been made in advance, the refund will be made within 5 (five) days of receipt of the statement of cancellation or withdrawal of the contract respectively. The shop reimburses the payment using the same method of payment as used by the Consumer, unless the consumer expressly agrees to another way of reimbursement.

§ 9. Delivery and payment methods

1. "Exclusive Taurus shop" offers the following form of delivery of ordered products - shiping via the courier service DPD - on all working days.
2. The cost of delivery is calculated and displayed by the system in the second stage of the ordering process ("Choice of delivery method"): - when purchasing for the total amount of less than 300€ transport 15€ - when buying a total of over 300€ free shipping.
3. The "Exclusive Taurus shop" online offers the following payment methods:
- Bank transfer (pre-payment to the bank account of the shop - payment should be made within 5 days from the date of conclusion of the contract,
- PayPal - payment should be made within 5 days of the contract,
- via Credit card.
4. Bank detalis:
Beneficiary Name:BOX ELECTRONICS
Beneficiary Address: Cieszynskiego 4, 81-881 Sopot, POLAND
Beneficiary Account Number:PL50114020170000401200876888
Beneficiary Bank Details: mBank Senatorska 18, 00-950 Warszawa, POLAND

§ 10. The order and delivery

1. The term of the contract is indicated each time the contract of sale is concluded.
2. According to the applicable law, the delivery time is a maximum of 14 days, however in the Exclusive Taurus shop there is usually 3 working days (often the order is made on the same day it was placed).
3. "Exclusive Taurus shop" is not responsible for non-delivery of goods or delay in delivery of ordered goods resulting solely from the Customer's incorrect or inaccurate delivery address.
4. If at least one of the products covered by the order of the Customer is not available within the time allowed for the order, the "Exclusive Taurus shop" will contact the Customer.
5. If the "Exclusive Taurus shop" can not fulfill the order because the subject matter of the contract is not available, it may withdraw from the sale contract within 30 days of its conclusion.
6. Shipped goods are brand new. "Exclusive Taurus shop" online shop does not send merchandise from the exhibition (this item is displayed occasionally as a showcase in the OUTLET department).
7. The customer should unpack the package and check for mechanical damage during transport. In the event of such damage, it is advisable to write down the injury protocol with the courier or postman, and report any incidents to the Store employee.
8. Within each transaction executed, the "Exclusive Taurus shop" will send the customer a proof of purchase in the form of an electronic invoice. A customer who wants to receive a paper invoice should indicate the appropriate option when ordering

§ 11. Withdrawal from the sale contract

1. Consumer is entitled to withdraw from the service contract by electronic means without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the date of registration in the Shop. It is enough to send a statement before the deadline.
2. Withdrawal is made by submitting a statement of withdrawal, in particular using the form and sent via any remote communication channel, including:
- by e-mail at,
- in writing, at Cieszyńskiego 4, 81-881 Sopot, Poland
3. The Seller shall immediately send to the Consumer confirmation of the receipt of the declaration of will to withdraw from the contract of sale, to the e-mail address indicated by the Consumer.
4. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without incurring costs, except for: - additional costs borne by the Consumer in connection with the choice of how to deliver the goods other than the cheapest, ordinary delivery method offered by the Seller.
5. The consumer bears direct costs of return (shipping costs), in order to select the way in which the goods reach the Seller in a non-damaged condition.

6. The consumer shall be liable for the reduction of the value of the goods resulting from the use of it in a manner beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, of the goods. Due to the above, the Seller informs that, among other things, In the case of return of goods bearing the traces of use beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, of the goods, it is entitled to deduct the amount of the difference between the value of the goods sold and the goods returned to the consumer reimbursed. The preceding sentence shall apply in the event of the return of a damaged package if it has been damaged beyond the necessary character, character and functioning of the goods.
7. The Seller, not later than within 14 days of receipt of the consumer's statement of withdrawal, shall return to the Consumer all payments made by him, including the delivery of the item. The Seller shall reimburse the payment using the same method of payment as used by the Consumer, unless the consumer expressly agrees to another way of repayment.
8. Seller may refrain from reimbursing the payment received from the Consumer until the item is returned.
9. The consumer is responsible for delivering the equipment to the Store. The equipment should be delivered to the address of the Shop in Sopot: Box Electronics A.A.Kozakiewicz S.C. ul. Cieszyńskiego 4, 81-881 Sopot, Poland.

§ 12. Complaint policy (declaration of nonconformity with the contract)

1. The Seller is obliged to deliver the goods in a condition free of defects.
2. The customer has the right to complain about the performance of the contract of sale as well as the performance of the contract for the provision of services by electronic means.
3. Notification of non-conformity of the goods with the contract should, although not a requirement to consider the complaint, include: - first name and last name, - order number, - description of the defect of the goods, - date of purchase - description of the abnormality. This will make it easier and more efficient to handle the complaint.
4. Complaints can be submitted by email at:, by phone at +48 (58) 550 66 46, by letter under Box Electronics A.A.Kozakiewicz S.C, ul. Cieszyńskiego 4, 81-881 Sopot.
5. The complaint will be processed within 14 days of its submission.

§ 13. Terms of warranty

1.All current Taurus products are covered by 24-month warranty, except products from the outlet offer which are covered by 12-month warranty.
2.Warranty and non-warranty repairs are done in Box Electronics based in Sopot, Poland or an authorised repairer in other country.
3.The standard repair time is 2 weeks once the defective product is received.
4.In exceptional cases, if a needed replacement part is not in stock, the repair time may be extended.
5.Please contact the "Exclusive Taurus shop" for the repair.

§ 14. Author's rights

1. Some pictures available in the "Exclusive Taurus shop" are owned by the Seller.
2. Any copying of these photographs and use without the permission of the Owner will cause legal consequences for persons and companies that allow this. This disclaimer does not apply to images that are generally available, such as images from manufacturers' websites. To determine if a selected photo can be copied and used, please contact the Store by phone or email.

§ 15. Privacy Policy

Box Electronics Company s.c. It attaches special importance to respecting the privacy of every visitor to its "Exclusive Taurus shop" and uses "cookies" to enable customers to log in to certain store areas, order basket, order, Customizing the site content to user needs, saving user preferences, creating anonymous, aggregated site visitor statistics excluding personal user identification.

Cookies and personal data:
Data collected using cookies is collected only for specific tasks performed by the shop user. They are not associated with any specific person using the site, subject to access to the areas requiring login ("My Account" area and placing an order). What are "cookies" files: These are small textual information sent by the web server and stored on the user's side (usually on the hard drive). The default cookie parameters allow you to read the information contained in them only to the server that created them. Cookies are most often used in the case of counters, probes, online stores, websites that require logins, advertisements and to monitor visitor activity. Applying cookies: Cookies can contain various kinds of information about the user of a given web page and the "history" of his / her communication with a given web page (actually a server). Typically used to automatically identify a user by the server, so that he can generate a dedicated page for him. This allows you to create personalized Web sites, login support, "shopping carts" in online stores, etc.

For more information, please visit This page is intended to provide content in social media.

§ 16. Final Provisions

1.In matters not regulated by these Regulations, Polish law shall apply.
2. The consumer can file a complaint through the EU ODR web platform, available at:
Out-of-court redress is free of charge.

















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